Physics Department

Associate Professors:

Craig L. Caylor, Robert A. Knop, Thomas E. Oberst

Degree Offered:

Bachelor of Science

Major Programs:


Interdisciplinary Programs:

Environmental Science

Minor Programs:


Teacher Certification:


Pre-Professional Programs:

3-2 Engineering

The aim of the Department of Physics is to help students develop an understanding of the fundamental laws and behavior of the physical universe and to appreciate the techniques used by scientists in acquiring such an understanding. Majors in physics have the opportunity to study the most important areas of classical and modern physics. Majors in other sciences are given background in physics to support their own work, while students not majoring in science are aided in understanding the basic concepts of physical science.

The department recognizes that there are many possible career objectives for a physics major. A physics major can prepare a student for careers such as secondary school teaching, industrial research, general engineering, or many other jobs that require technical problem-solving skills. With the physics major and additional graduate study, students can prepare for careers in basic research, teaching at the college or university level, medical physics, specialized engineering fi elds, and combination fields such as biophysics. Students interested in pursuing an engineering program of study have the option of majoring in physics with a concentration in 3-2 engineering.

Laboratory work is important in the understanding and discovery of physics and is an essential part of the major program. This laboratory program, which is supported by a number of modern lab resources, follows an integrated plan designed to give the student more feeling for the concepts discussed in the classroom and to provide training in experimental method and technique. Astronomy teaching is supported with a planetarium and observatory.

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