The Initiative to Support Our People

"The Westminster Way" shall define the College's culture among and between campus constituencies and shall reinforce our commitment to a "winning tradition" across all endeavors of the College in accordance with our Mission Statement.

WE BELIEVE that Westminster College is an outstanding place to learn, teach, work, and live. Among campus constituents, exceptionally high levels of interpersonal caring, respect, collaboration, and collegiality exist. Yet we challenge and support one another to constantly improve in order to elevate further Westminster as among America's best colleges. This institutional "ethos"must be preserved and nurtured for it represents a key defining feature of the College. This Initiative reinforces the importance of this culture and defines goals to preserve and nurture it as one of our great institutional strengths.

Key Goals

Affirm Our Underlying Values

  • Codify our institutional values into a list known as "The Westminster Way."
  • Establish specific strategies to continue and further enhance our "winning traditions"of developing intellectual, interpersonal, athletic, and spiritual outcomes that distinguish human beings at their best, and incorporate these strategies into the working fabric of the institution.
  • Reinforce our church heritage and enhance our mission to others.

Nurture Talent

  • Demonstrate ways to develop, recognize, and honor the many gifts and multiple intelligences that exist within the campus community.
  • Ensure fair and equitable salary and benefit packages for all employees based on thorough research, reflection, and budget affordability.
  • Continue to provide a high-quality, private, liberal arts education, identifying programs, policies, and procedures that maintain heightened levels of satisfaction among all on campus.
  • Provide professional development opportunities for all campus employees to maintain skill levels in their respective roles.