The Initiative to Remain Affordable

Westminster College shall remain a high-value liberal arts college, providing recognized excellence in undergraduate education at a competitive price.

WE BELIEVE that a high-quality, private, liberal arts education should be available at a reasonable cost to those desiring such an education. Research on the impact of college on students has repeatedly and conclusively demonstrated that the strongest intellectual and social development of students occurs at smaller, private, liberal arts colleges. The cost of such colleges, however, is rapidly exceeding family affordability. Westminster College shall position itself as an affordable choice while maintaining a commitment to educational excellence and exceptional student outcomes.

Key Goals

Build Our Financial Foundation

  • Increase the endowment through private gifts from 2009-10 levels with an emphasis on augmenting endowed scholarships to offset institutionally-funded financial aid.
  • Increase the percentage of alumni participation in philanthropy to the College.
  • Develop budgetary protocols and incentives that reward savings and efficiencies across campus cost centers.
  • Create opportunities for students to build a philanthropic and affinity commitment to the College both during their undergraduate years and following graduation.

Achieve Enrollment Capacity

  • Increase overall full-time equivalent (FTE) traditional student undergraduate enrollment.
  • Increase overall FTE graduate enrollment.
  • Increase overall FTE Lifelong Learning enrollment.
  • Implement content delivery strategies for Graduate and Lifelong Learning programs that incorporate our signature personalized one-on-one teaching with online educational components to provide a "hybrid" offering that meets the learning needs of the adult student population.
  • Invest significantly in the Admissions function to meet future enrollment and financial goals and expand our recruitment catchment area to new markets.
  • Enhance and invest in existing programs that represent outstanding enrollment growth opportunities for the College.
  • Within our Mission, consider and implement new programs that will enhance institutional growth to meet future enrollment goals.

Better Position the College to its Publics

  • Create a comprehensive branding and marketing plan to position the College for growth.