The Initiative to Improve Our Campus

Westminster College shall further develop its campus infrastructure to effectively meet the learning and living requirements of the 21st-century college student.

WE BELIEVE that a college should provide facilities and services that effectively meet the contemporary learning and living needs of the campus community without placing undue financial burdens upon the institution. In order to maintain an affordable cost, we seek a highly functional and attractive campus environment through the thoughtful acquisition and allocation of precious resources. This Initiative recognizes that the outstanding campus improvement efforts over past years need to be expanded to realize a contemporary standard in our infrastructure.

Key Goals

Fund Capital Priorities

  • Identify, prepare, and renovate selected existing classroom and office facilities to meet contemporary standards.
  • Identify, prepare, and renovate selected student residence and food service facilities to meet contemporary standards.
  • Provide updated instrumentation for our science curricula necessary for meeting the learning needs of current science students.
  • Provide the necessary housing and academic space to accommodate the College's growth within the next decade.

Maintain Currency in Information Technology

  • Add campus-wide Wi-Fi capabilities.
  • Provide for a more stable Information Technology funding mechanism.
  • Examine a policy of centralizing personal computer purchases across the campus on a periodic rotating basis and recommend any changes to existing policy should changes be warranted.

Become More Environmentally Sensitive as a Campus Community

  • Develop, support, and recognize programs to improve the College's efforts toward environmental sustainability and incorporate more sustainable practices into its operations and infrastructure.