The Initiative to Enhance Our Reputation

The academic reputation of Westminster College shall be elevated through enhanced programming for faculty development, student scholarship, improved external collaboration and outreach, and a commitment to supplementing our liberal arts mission with experiential educational opportunities.

WE BELIEVE that the quality of education provided is directly related to the quality of faculty providing it. It is important for Westminster faculty to maintain currency in their discipline, enthusiasm about what they teach, expertise in their instructional skills, and dedication to the intellectual development of every student in class. Faculty must also seek ways to involve students in scholarly activities and share their intellectual and instructional efforts externally for the purpose of reinforcing the institution's role as an important intellectual and societal resource. WE ALSO BELIEVE in the importance of applied learning, whereby classroom instruction can be augmented through real-world experiences implemented across the curriculum.

Key Goals

Reinforce the Importance of Faculty Development

  • Enhance operational funding and financial incentives to encourage and realize faculty development goals.
  • Establish a sponsored research grant writer position to support faculty and student research congruent with institutional priorities and the experiential learning mission.

Enhance the Academic Core Mission

  • Secure significant endowment resources to support the academic programs and core educational mission of the College.
  • Further enhance our excellent graduation and retention rates.
  • Continue to increase the overall admissions quality of our undergraduate students.
  • Elevate the visibility of scholarship in both internal and external communications.
  • Develop permanent guest lecture and outstanding alumni recognition programs that will support our efforts to build a stronger academic reputation while bringing enhanced visibility to the College.

Expand Applied Learning Opportunities for Students

  • Enhance the Drinko Center as a major institutional resource to coordinate and financially support experiential education, student research, community outreach, and faculty development.
  • Develop experiential education options for each major discipline and promote those options among students and in student recruitment activities.
  • Develop programs of interdisciplinary collaboration that support experiential education, enhanced visibility of the College, and increased revenue.
  • Create and build meaningful partnerships with local, regional, and national companies and non-profit agencies to provide experiential learning and internship opportunities.

Become a More Heterogeneous Campus

  • Broaden the diversity of our campus across multiple demographic dimensions and provide financial support to meet the operational goal of creating a more diverse campus community.