Field Station Solar Energy Production

On July 19, 2012, the solar array was expanded from 11 panels to 13 panels, increasing peak production.

Energy Produced Today: October 30, 2014 (1.802 kWh)

Daily Yield for Past 30 Days (Total: 223.902 kWh)

Monthly Yield for Past 12 Months (Total: 3267.343 kWh)

Total kWh produced by array to date: 12538.776kWh
Total lbs CO2 emissions saved to date: 19309.71504 CO2*

* Based on 1.54 lbs CO2/kWh average emmission (from all energy sources) in Westminster College's eGRID subregion, for details see EPA. Note that average coal emmissions are higher at 2.10 lbs/kWh (1999 value from DOE).